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  • What is Beocampus?
    Beocampus is Bang & Olufsen's Digital Learning Platform. Here you can find all you need to know to sell, install and repair Bang & Olufsen products with success.
  • How can I get a Beocampus account?
    Bang & Olufsen partner with a ROS account: you should be automatically enrolled to Beocampus. Please partner with your Bang & Olufsen representative if you have further questions. Your account should be active on Beocampus within 24 hours. Bang & Olufsen partner without a ROS account: you can request a Beocampus account here → link. Please reach out to your Bang & Olufsen representative to know your CODE. Bang & Olufsen Employee: you are automatically enrolled to Beocampus. Please partner with your direct manager or People & Culture representative if you have any further questions.
  • How do I log in to Beocampus?
    I have a ROS account: access Beocampus through I do not have a ROS account: go to, click on login and enter your credentials. Bang & Olufsen Employee: access Beocampus through your SuccessFactors account.
  • How many languages does Beocampus offer?
    8: English, Danish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Simplified-Chinese
  • How do I change the Beocampus User Interface language?
    From the Beocampus Home, click on "Options and Settings". Pick your preferred language and regional settings from the menu. Click on "Apply changes".
  • Is there a Beocampus mobile App?
    You can use Beocampus on your Smartphone or Tablet. You can find a PDF guide on how to use Beocampus with SAP SuccessFactors mobile app for iOS and Android here: link You can also use your web browser on your Smartphone or Tablet.
  • What are Beocampus System requirements?
    You can use Beocampus with most major commercial browsers on Mac and Windows PC. Please find all the official system requirements here: Technical Systems for SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • Where can I find courses assigned to me?
    You can find assigned training under "Learning assigned to you" or/and under the "Learning Overview" tile on the Beocampus Home page. For an overview of the courses, click the icon on the upper-right cornet of the banner to expand it:
  • Where can I find which courses I have already completed?
    You can find completed learning under "Completed Learning" tile on the "Learning Overview" page.
  • Can I take courses not assigned to me?
    Of course! You can browse all courses under "Find courses" tile on the "Learning Overview" page, look for the course you are interested in and then assign it to you.
  • How do I know if I have to complete a mandatory course?
    Mandatory training will be marked as "REQUIRED" under "Learning assigned to you" tile on the "Learning Overview" page.
  • How can I review a course that I have already completed?
    After you complete a course you can review it anytime by following a few simple steps. 1. Locate the course in your "Completed Learning": 2. Click on the course that you want to review: 3. Click on "Review Content": Browse the selected course with no restrictions. IMPORTANT: If the course that you want to review has been updated or removed from Beocampus' catalogue, you will not be able to review it. Instead you will be redirected to Beocampus or find an alert similar to this:
  • How do I browse the Beocampus training catalogue?
    You can browse all courses by clicking 'Browse all courses' under "Find courses" tile on the "Learning Overview" page.
  • Can I browse Beocampus courses in another language?
    Yes. You can browse all courses, in all available languages under the "Find courses" tile on the "Learning Overview" page. When you select a course all the available languages and versions will appear.
  • Report: Can I have an overview of my team learning progression on Beocampus?
    The "My Team" features is a powerful features that allows you to: have an overview of your team learning progression, pull reports, assign specific courses and much more. Send a request to if you need to setup "My Team". Here is an example of how you can setup multiple teams: Instructions here.
  • Report: I have a Team, how can I see my Team Learning progress on Beocampus?
    In Beocampus you can create a hierarchy for your team. This will allow supervisors to follow their Teams Learning progression. Instructions here. Please, reach out to your local Bang & Olufsen representative to set up and manage your team's overview or write to
  • In the section Learning Assigned to you I can see an element marked as REQUIRED but when I open it some courses are marked as "OPTIONAL". What does that mean?
    We want every Beocampus user to be able to browse freely Bang & Olufsen Digital courses catalogue. In order to do so, all of our digital courses are set as "NOT REQUIRED". Whenever a specific Learning journey requires a user to take some specific digital courses, Beocampus creates "Training Programs" which include one or several digital courses. These "Training Programs" might be marked as "REQUIRED" and will have a due date. A Training Program status will always over-ride that of a single digital course.
  • Why am I receiving daily email from Beocampus?
    Beocampus sends automatic notifications 30 days before the due date of a required course. If you believe that you shouldn't be receive any notification, please write to
  • How can I change the language of the courses that are assigned to me?
    If you want to change the language of the courses that are automatically assigned to you by Beocampus, send your request to
  • When I try to connect to Beocampus, the website ask me for an SAP SuccessFactors Company ID. What should I write?
    Bang & Olufsen's SAP SuccessFactors ID id: " bangolufse "
  • I have a ROS account and I can not log in to Beocampus from, What should I do?
    If you have a ROS account, that is also your Beocampus account. You should be able to login to Beocampus, by following these steps: Browse to Login with your ROS credentials Click on the Beocampus tile If these instructions do not work, please send a screenshot of your page, with your username visible on the upper right corner (see image): Note: you will not be able to reset your "Beocampus" password or request a new one. Your ROS account is your Beocampus account.
  • I can not find the answer to my question. What should I do?
    If you don't find an answer to your questions and your Bang & Olufsen representative can not support you, please write your request to
  • I can not login to Beocampus. I land on a SAP SuccessFactors "Invalid Login" webpage. What to do?
    When you try to access to Beocampus you land on an "Invalid Login" webpage, similar to this: If you just created your account on ROS, wait 24 hours before trying to access Beocampus. If you are a Bang & Olufsen employee, you must use your user account to login. If you are a Bang & Olufsen employee please reach-out to your People & Culture Business partner for support with your SuccessFactors account. If none of the above works, contact us at
  • I have completed a course but the course is not marked as completed in my learning history
    The main reason why a course will not be marked as completed in your learning history is: The course was left unattended for longer than 30 minutes. When this happen, you will still be able to browse the course but the progress will not recorded on your Beocampus account. Beocampus shows an alert when your session is about to time-out, visible on Beocampus homepage and tab. Open the homepage and click on "Keep Working" to avoid losing your progress:
  • I try to login to Beocampus, but I get a Microsoft error message:
    I try to login to Beocampus, but I get an error message similar to this: If you have a user account make sure to use it to login Beocampus: If you don't have a user account, please consult the "General" section of the FAQ.
  • I'm receiving notifications about a required course. My supervisor see the course in my Learning Plan. But I have no pending learning assignments.
    When you complete all the courses assigned to you by Beocampus, the tile "Learning assigned to you" will show you a message similar to this: If you don't have any pending assignments, but you are still receiving notifications about a pending course, or your supervisor can see a required course still assigned to you in the "My Team" overview, it is possible that you started a certification or learning program which is not part of your learning plan, but has a required due date. You can find and complete all self-assigned courses, by browsing to the page "Learning Overview" and locating them in the "Self assigned Learning" banner: If you changed your mind, and want to remove the course or the learning program, click on the right-side icon and click on "remove" from the drop-down menu:
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